September 29, 2021 Text Devotion

I have recently been away. I enjoyed where I was and what I was doing. Then it was time to come home. Do you know that feeling of coming back to what is your home space? You just see your house from the road and you feel reassured by the familiar; you step in the door and you feel more safe and secure, or maybe as you move around, you just feel comfortable and snuggle into being back in your own digs.
Now I realize that there may be people who do not feel a sense of security that is innate with their home space. This comparison may not resonate with you – so if you do have a safe place for yourself, call it to mind.
Coming home in our faith can bring some of these same types of deep emotions to the surface. I have these mini-homecomings all the time. Don’t feel none of us who calls ourselves disciples ever moves away from closeness to God as we go through our days. In my mind, there is no shame or cry of foul on someone, nor should there ever be. We are human – I think God understands and simply yearns for these homecomings however and whenever they arrive. That is when we draw close again to God and he feels our true deep sometimes almost desperate expressions of our love for Him.
To God, this is beautiful to His ears and, though hard to comprehend, know he never stopped loving us. Not even for a hot second. In these moments though, hopefully, you can feel the immense depth of love he has for you. Don’t let yourself get in the way of a good dousing of matchless love.
So, if you have been away and want and need to return, simply do so. No grand entrance needed – just come on home. The reasons that cause this are countless and I suspect are really rather immaterial in God’s incomprehensibly expansive view of the ways of His people. He made us, you think he doesn’t know us? Just read the Bible! Trust me, He knows us. God is always ready for a homecoming of any sort – mini or major.
His arms are open – just turn your eyes and spy that welcome mat that is already out for you whether you are hurt, lost, suffering loss, feeling unworthy, feeling shame, or just busy and lost track of your connection. Yes, the welcome is for YOU, not the other you behind and to the side of you. You! I mean you! Your name is already known and has been spoken. So turn your eyes toward Jesus…..
Listen to Lauren Daigle’s beautiful voice and musicianship below as they bring us home and help us know it is where we need to be.
~Shauna Weil

A devotion on behalf of the GUMC Devotion ministry

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