United Methodist Women

Faith  Hope  Love  Action
The United Methodist Women is a community of women committed to mission, spiritual growth and education about social and economic issues affecting women and children-locally, nationally and internationally. We turn faith, hope and love into action in partnership with community missions. Some of the missions are donating Ugly Quilt sleeping bags with health kits and needs for the Hurley Pediatrics Center. United Methodist Women also raise money to feed those in need such as Genesee County Soup Kitchens and Food Bank. In our Church we sponsor the food pantry and the care fund.
We nurture each other by working as a team and spiritually through Secret Prayer Partners, Bible and book studies. We also attend East Winds District events, prayer breakfast, mission university and the annual meeting. Prayer and Squares quilts are made and given out to support those who need our prayers and to feel cared for.
We are connected with all United Methodist Women so that we can accomplish great mission projects and support each other growing in faith and leadership to make this a better world. We are many hands of the body of Jesus Christ.
United Methodist Women On The Move
Ugly Quilts meet weekly on Mondays at 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (or come at any time in the morning). No experience is needed but a talent at tying a knot or talking to each other, with laughter or prayer, will make your day. If you are watching children, you may bring them along. We will vote on mask wearing as we did last spring, but you may mask up at any time.

United Methodist Women Meeting

All women are invited to join in a program and lunch Thursday, November 4 at 11:00 a.m. focusing on Gratitude in Difficult Times at the church in the small dining room. This Bible study reminds us of how even great people have had times when thanking God seemed difficult. A Thank Offering will be collected for District missions. Note the time, and lunch will be beef soup and homemade bread. There will be time for any discussion.


Fall Bazaar

Help United Methodist Women get ready for their Mini Bazaar in the Fall of 2021:
We are accepting hand made projects. All money raised will go to our food pantry and care fund. Whatever your hobby, feel free to make one or two things to donate. If you are interested in participating, please call the office at 810-636-2444 or email office@goodrichumc.org for further information.

Bazaar Reminder

Time is drawing near for our mini bazaar and you may bring your crafts to set up Saturday November 13 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. If you need help, call the church office at (810)636-2444. We also will have early bird shopping during this time. Regular shopping starts Sunday November 14 after service until noon. If you are online, you may shop during office hours or the following Sunday, November 21. On November 21, please take your leftover donations items home. This is for those attending our church and your friends. Shopping during the week will be the honor system with money for purchases left at the office. NO CHANGE GIVEN BACK. Make Checks out to U.M.W. This sale will benefit the United Methodist Women’s missions and the church’s Christian Care Fund.

Upcoming East Winds District Events
Many of these events may be zoom meetings.
Zoom Faith Talks are twice a month. Please click on this link to see more information.
Please call the church office at 810-636-2444 or email office@goodrichumc.org for further details or to sign up.