Pause with Pastor Joel – December 26, 2022

Are you recovering on the day after Christmas or are you still in the full swing of celebrations?
For pastors, the days after Christmas are usually quieter. We look forward to that time. At Goodrich UMC, we’re closing the office.
Yet, as is the nature of ministry – even life – something will happen to make life busy even as I seek a little down time. Someone will go into the hospital. Someone will need assistance. Some emergency will present itself.
I will respond. Even Jesus found this to be the nature of ministry. There were times when he tried to get away by himself and the crowds would follow him. He would always minister to them.
In some senses, that’s the best part of ministry. If we are called to do what Jesus did, to be like Jesus, then we have to be ready to serve, even in those times when we’re hoping to experience some rejuvenation.
It’s not that we don’t seek slow times because we know they’ll always be interrupted. No, it’s that we continue to seek those times knowing that often they’ll come as times of rest and other times they’ll present as times of active ministry even as we try to rest.
Jesus found times to rest, pray and reconnect with God just as frequently as he found that those opportunities were interrupted by chances to heal, teach and love people.
The amazing thing is that those moments of ministry are often the most fulfilling. Those times when we thought we’d have a down moment and instead are at someone’s bedside can be powerful – more powerful than the every day ministry we do regularly when we are living life as it usually is.
It’s the day after Christmas. Maybe you’re seeking some down time. Maybe you’re already back to normal. Regardless, be on the lookout for chances to do ministry.

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