Mobility Worldwide

Mobility Worldwide-East Michigan (MWEM) is a faith-based group started by members of our church. It is affiliated with the parent organization, Mobility Worldwide, located in Columbia, Missouri. The organization produces three wheeled carts for adults and children in poor nations of the world. The carts are given to people who have lost the use of arms or legs due to land mines, disease, birth defects or accidents. Because the recipients are from regions where the terrain makes it impossible to use a traditional wheelchair, a more robust product was created to meet this need.

Currently, two styles of carts are being made – a hand cranked model and a push/pull model. There are also several other styles in development. The carts are made with a steel frame, airless rubber tires, a hardwood body and a vinyl cushioned seat to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in the areas they are used.

MWEM is made up entirely of volunteers and is designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. No one in the organization is paid and 100% of donations go directly towards making and shipping the mobility carts around the world. They are always in need of funding to maintain the operation. Donations can be made on their website or a check can be made out to Mobility Worldwide-East Michigan and mailed to:
Goodrich United Methodist Church
8071 South State Road
Goodrich MI 48438


For more information, to see photos of the finished products or make a donation online, please visit: